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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What would Austin wear if I took over his wardrobe - Part II

As I was hanging my clothes away, something terrible happened. My closet collapsed on top of me. All my neatly folded clothes came tumbling down. But, that wasn't the worst thing. Austin's overall jeans landed on my head. Eek! How had I missed these?!! When I confronted Austin about his overalls, I learned that he used to secretly hide the bib part under his sweaters, so you could only see the pant legs (Hmm. Tricky, yet disturbing at the same time). I vowed then and there that the overall jeans would never end up back in the closet. But, I believe that Austin (really) does like them. And, those pesky little things might crawl its way back into our closet again one of these days.

In my opinion, overall jeans should only be worn by cute, pudgy babies and toddlers. Not adults. Period.

So, what would Austin wear if I took over his wardrobe? Instead of overall jeans, let's just drop the "overall" part and call it a day.

Men's jeans should be fitted (note: not butt hugging) all the way down the leg. I also like a good bootleg now and then. But, straight will also do. Good tailoring and wash are important to a pair of timeless jeans.

If I had a million dollars....
Gucci dark wash script G 6-pocket jeans for $396 at Bluefly

But, I don't. So, these will do.
Seven For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans in New York Dark for
$155 at Denimology

For more information about what you could wear with these new jeans, go to 9tailors.com.

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