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Friday, February 11, 2011

Giveaway Entries We Loved

Thank you to everyone who entered in the Giveaway- and those that didn't, there is still time! Here are some excerpts from the entries we received.

Here is one from Ly nominating her fiance Kieran

"Three words for you- Denim on Denim! :) The very first time I met Kieran in 2000, he was wearing a light colored stone washed denim jacket and denim jeans. CRINGE! To this day he defends this outfit."

This one is from Niki who nominated her husband

“I think it is time for an updated, more fashionable look for the man who has to assure me that my outfit looks good on a fairly frequent basis. Not to mention the countless hours he spends watching Project Runway alongside me (true, he sometimes has his laptop in tow, but it is the thought that counts!)."

This one is from Bernadette for her fiance Alex

"So we strolled home along the Washington Mall, and Alex detoured to the Reflecting Pool by the Jefferson Memorial. In a moment of pouting, I exclaimed, "My feet hurt and we're going the wrong way!" to which he responded, "I think we're going the right way." And he was down on one knee asking me to marry him, with stars twinkling above, the Jefferson Memorial lit up behind us, and the cherry trees surrounding us."

Because he knows what he wants, Eric entered himself

“This lackluster environment is the modern day workplace, and its been under siege by the Council of the Ultra Business Casual.With the CUBC in control, a guy need only to zip his fly in order to be ‘dressed for work.’ So I started my own revolution against the CUBC. But I need heavier fire-power. I need an atomic bomb. Something so well-fitting that it blinds the CUBC with tailored perfection. I need a good suit.”

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