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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get This - Get Pattern On Pattern at 9tailors

This whole week we've been talking about how to mix and match patterns together. When a client comes into the studio and wants to personalize his/her shirt, accenting the collar, cuff or placket with another fabric, I get so excited! It just so happens that mixing patterns together is one of my favorite things to do with clients.

We believe that mixing patterns can be for everyone, from the conservative to the trend-setter. You just need a little courage and faith...and of course, a helping hand from a 9tailors Style Consultant.

We've received some pretty fantastic shirts this week in the studio. Use these tips to purchase your next 9tailors custom dress shirt. 

A blue checked shirt with a blue striped accent.
Tip #1: Choose at least ONE color that matches exactly. In the shirt above, the client really liked the blue checked shirt and wanted an accent fabric to go with it. We picked out the sky blue in the checked fabric and found a striped fabric with the same sky blue. As it turned out, the striped shirt also had navy in it which matched the navy in the checked shirt!

A striped blue and purple shirt with a matching purple accent
Tip #2: Sometimes subtle is the way to go. The client loved the purple and blue striped shirting fabric. But, he was afraid that a strong accent would be too much for work. We used the purple stripe as our inspiration and found a matching, textured purple fabric. Plus, the solid fabric lessens the appearance collar rings....

An green striped shirt with blue pattern
Tip #3: Choose colors that match. The last tip is the hardest concept to grasp as there are so many factors in play, such as your natural eye, personal style, light, hue, saturation, etc. Here the client really loved the apple green stripe. But, the client didn't want to use another green accent for fear that there would be "too much green." So, we helped the client find a related color, blue, as the accent. Go back to basics; use the beloved color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other go together. Colors that are side by side also work too! Here is an awesome piece on color coordination.

All three shirts designs are 10% off this week! E-mail us before next Friday, March 25 if you are interested.

Need help mixing patterns? Go to 9tailors.com or e-mail us at info@9tailors.com.

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