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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Steal This Style: Glee

While the Glee title may carry the infamous hand signal for loser, these guys know how to dress themselves out of the studio. The two best dressed men from the Glee cast seem to be the teacher everyone is crushing on and the football player in a wheelchair.

Artie (Kevin McHale) and Mr. Schuster (Matthew Morrison) both have an affinity with vests and sweaters but clearly wear a suit naturally as well. Below Artie, on the left, has fitted suit on with notched lapels and a bowtie. The choice of blue keeps the suit fresh and modern without being ostentatious. Mr. Schuster also has a fitted suit with notched lapels in a more subdued grey. The sheen of the fabric makes it a bit more formal and it tied it all together with a skinny maroon tie and pocket square to match. Photos courtesey of MTV.

Tips to steal the Glee(k) style: Add the following to your wardrobe.

1. Get yourself a vest- of any kind. These two men constantly wear button down vests in grey, in green, in herringbone, in checked patterns. They wear sweater vests over tailored button downs. They are simply enthralled with vests of all sorts and work them into every outfit ranging from the most casual to formal occasions.

2. Bowties. Striped, patterned, checked, big, small, they all have a place for the Artie impersonator.

3. Cardigains. Mr Schuster is always layering a button down with a cardigan. It is formal enough for his profession as a high school teacher but not too stuffy to put barriers between him and his students.

4. Button downs. Always in a button down Mr. Schuster and Artie have perfectly fitted shirts. Many times with rolled up sleeves, which keeps it casual everyday wear.

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