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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get This - Spanx For Men

Beat the Belly Bulge
I don't know one woman who has not worn a pair of Spanx ("SFM") or has not heard of them. Shapewear for women is a multi-billion dollar business....who wants insightly bulges? Not I. To many, Spanx and the founder, Sara Blakely, are a godsend because Spanx smooths and separates. But, Spanx for men? When I asked my husband if he wanted to wear SFM, he responded saying, "Why would I want to wear them?"
Well, here are a few compelling reason:
If you have a mostly desk job, work a ton of hours, just don't want to eat right, or don't have time commit to P90X, Spanx for Men is for you.


What we like about SFM...
  • It really does slim. It eliminates man boobs, narrows the waist, and reduces unsightly button pulling (don't be like this guy). It's been tested by real people...Read the review on the SFM from connoisseur of under garments, The Undershirt Guy.
  • It looks just like an undershirt. This is important as you don't want your undershirt to confused with a man girdle. 
  • It feels amazing! Without a doubt, Sara Blakely has developed a high quality product. Her women's version does the job, yet are very comfortable to wear. The undershirts are made in Egyptian Cotton for maximum softness and breath-ability. It also has Spandex/Elastene to hold everything in place without making you look like an over-stuffed sausage.
  • We like the style options. It comes in round and v-neck (we like the v-neck option). It also comes in white, black and heather gray too. For men looking for a sleeveless option, Spanx has got you covered.  
  • And...it comes with matching boxers! The boxers have an innovative 3D pouch allowing for proper air circulation. The fabric reduces irritation as well. Lastly, there is a comfortable compression around the legs (again, no sausage legs here) for a contoured look.

To get Spanx For Men, go to their website here.

Need a great shirt or suit to go over your Spanx? Make an appointment here with a 9tailors Style Consultant. Afterall, you can't really the SFM as outerwear....


    Unknown said...

    Oooo! I think i will get some for my husband!

    Steve Newman said...

    A great article on the new Spanx For Men product. It raises a question or two, however.

    To me, I see many similarities to the emerging 'mantyhose' trend (pioneered by ActivSkin in the U.S.) that many post disparaging blog posts or comments about. So, if ManSpanx is such a great thing, how can full-length tights or hose for men be so very bad? Let's look a some of the similarities.

    Both are intended to provide some moderate degree of compression--both around the midsection, and the legs. The only difference is ManSpanx are limited only to the upper thighs. However, what about guys who have lower leg circulation problems, suffer from tired, achy legs, etc? Wouldn't ManSpanx that extended down to the lower legs also be beneficial in that situation? So, why should we be so critical of mantyhose?

    Probably the most significant difference between the two is whether they have feet in them. Obviously, ManSpanx do not. However, for those who would draw an absolute line at wearing footed tights, there are styles of mantyhose offered by ActivSkin, et al, that are footless.

    Another difference is that some forms of hose for men are sheer, like the pantyhose most of us are familiar with. But before rejecting sheer legwear for men out of hand, consider this. Sheer fabric is much lighter weight, and therefore cooler, than the material ManSpanx or runner's tights are made of. If you wear them under your pants, you'll be less likely to feel overheated throughout your day.

    So, I welcome the advent of Spanx For Men. But, I hope that people will also begin to open their minds just a bit more before being so quick to reject the new mantyhose phenomenon.

    I publish a blog called, The Nylon Gene (www.nylongene.com) in which I discuss many of these issues in more detail, and give more background information on the whole trend as it has evolved. Please feel free to visit and comment.