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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steal This Look: Javier Bardem

Oscar winning actor, new father, and married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Jaiver Bardem manages to look good for every occasion. His color palate is restrained, consisting of mostly of neutrals, he makes sure he is not overpowered by this clothing. Below are some examples of his red carpet style, because outside the entertainment circuit he seems to spend all his time at the beach!

Dressing Bardem's way-

1. Unless absolutely necessary (like the Oscar photo above), skip the tie. He has mastered the unbuttoned look. Unbuttoning the collar button and one after can create added sex appeal, any more than that and you're testing dangerous ground.

2. Opt for a simple silhouette. It's all in the fit. He wears his clothes without being dominated by them. Strive for style rather than trends to keep your look timeless.

3. Choose colors and cuts that flatter you. He avoids colors that don't suit him and consistently wears suits that fit him.

Steal a bit of his style and maybe you will get the girl in the end as well! Let us help you start it off email info@9tailors or check out www.9tailors.com for more information.

Let us know who your style icon is.

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