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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get This - Travel Must-Haves

Recently, I read an article from AskMen on "Packing For a Business Trip." In my former life, I worked as a management consultant, traveling 4 days out of the week to the client-site. So, I was pretty shocked at the article...some of the items on the AskMen's list seemed down-right ridiculous (e.g., swim shorts so that one may "cap off the evening with a dip in the hotel pool." Really!?) . Read their list and amusing reader comments here

Clothes- What to Get

business travel

The bare minimum (4 days at the client-site):
  1. 3 button-down dress shirts - I like the wrinkle-resistant kind and rotate throughout the week.
  2. 2 pairs of slacks/trousers - If your client is business formal, then one of the trousers should match a jacket.
  3. 1 pair of dress shoes - I prefer the slip-on kind for easy shoe removal at the airport 
  4. 4 undershirts, socks and boxers - You'll be able to keep your dress shirts stay fresh longer.
  5. 1 belt - Get the reversible kind 
The above looks like too much to pack your little carry-on. Remember, you'll be wearing at least one of the options. And, if you take a look at some of our packing tips here, you should be able to fit everything in.  

Optional items:
    1. 1 suit jacket - If your client is business formal, then you'll need a jacket that matches one of the trousers you are bringing 
    2. 1 tie
    3. 1 pair sneaker - If you work out 
    4. 2 pairs of socks - If you work out 
    5. 1 pair of mesh shorts - If you work out 
    6. 1 casual polo shirt - If you plan to meet co-workers or clients in a more casual setting
    Gadgets & Things:
    1. TripIt: It keeps all of your flight, car and hotel bookings all in one place. Just simply e-mail your confirmations to the site (even if they are from different sites) and it organizes everything into one master itinerary. It gives you the weather, maps, and directions. It's got a mobile app too. This is key if you're traveling to a new client site and don't know where your hotel is. For a free sign up, click here
    2. Innex Electrohub - It wirelessly charges up to 6 mobile devices. No more tripping over those pesky wires. Hopefully, you won't forget this charger at the hotel...
    Other tips:

    Toiletries are annoying to bring but, necessary. Put together a separate travel toiletry bag for all of your personal items and store it in your carry-on. It shaves a few minutes off your very, early morning. Plus, it virtually guarantees that you will never have to use the dreaded hotel-issued toothbrush again. Here are the contents:
    1. A second, traveling toothbrush - one that stays in your toiletry bag at all times. Keep your primary toothbrush at home.
    2. Travel sized toothpaste
    3. Moisturizer, deodorant, the works - We like the travel kit from Menscience.  It includes shaving cream, face wash, face lotion, shampoo, eye mask. All items under 2oz.
    Need a wrinkle-free dress shirt or need help building your travel wardrobe? E-mail us at info@9tailors.com or make an appointment here.

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