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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Steal This Style: Matthew Gray Gubler

Keeping with the theme this week Matthew Gray Gubler has a style that makes traveling easy. He seems to have mastered the disheveled look, without looking too grungy. The loose ties and clashing patterns are all part of his charm. This model turned actor, he is better known as Dr. Reid from the show Criminal Minds where his on screen style isn't a far cry from his off screen threads. This photo of his off screen style, posted on his twitter, is slightly more quirky. Mismatched socks, an easy going leather jacket, worn in cords, and a t-shirt in a neutral color complete this look. His look as a relaxed feel, which is perfect for travel. Comfort is crucial. As Dr. Reid he is a bit nerdier, also formal. An imperfectly tied tie with a cardigan and jack purcells make for a less polished Joseph Gordon-Levitte vibe. Layering is also the best technique for getting the most out of the pieces you pack. When traveling, like Gubler above in Japan, bring one piece of outterwear. Bring your favorite leather jacket (assuming weather doesn't demand something more substantial) and pair it with your favorite jeans on a casual trip. Get yourself a versatile topcoat for those business trips. The bowtie is the perfect accessory for a formal, yet conservative, event when you refuse to be another penguin in the crowd. Blue is also an option for black tie events that demand traditional attire. Email info@9tailors.com if you need some help nailing down your style!

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