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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steal His Look: Tom Brady

Tom Brady's ability to balance fashion with masculinity is unparalleled in the world of sports. He proves time and time again he is just as comfortable in designer suits as in his Patriots jersey. With the addition of a few key items anyone can emulate his style, but maybe not his talent on the field.

While colors can be fun, Brady sticks to a more conservative palate. He typically wears dark blues, black, and browns. Since all of these are neutrals they can be worn together, and with nearly any other color- versatility is key.

To the right is an example of Brady in a tailored navy blazer and a brown t-shirt underneath. Two accessories set him apart. First is the pocket square, which provides a formal contrast to an otherwise casual ensemble. The second is a plaid scarf which makes his tailored outfit somewhat playful.

Below is an example of his perfectly executed evening wear. Classic black tux with a hand tied bowtie. Scared of tying your own? Check out the How To here.

So if you want to emulate his style you need 4 pieces,
1. A perfectly tailored blazer that 9tailors can have made especially for you.
2. A classic tux that can be worn for all formal occasions, 9tailors can also help you with that.
3. A bowtie. Classic black is good to start with but you can always get fancier later as you branch out.
4. A patterned scarf to keep your outfits from looking too stiff. More ideas on scarfs here.

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