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Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 5: Icons of body appropriate style

Perfection is a rarity, imperfection the norm. With that said, it does not mean we should stop striving for our best, our version of perfection. When it comes to dressing yourself work what you have while down playing the rest. A few trusted techniques can hide your trouble spots and accentuate your assets. The result will be astounding.

Robert Di Niro

Vertically challenged? Many men in Hollywood are far shorter than the average male. Yet, with the right knowledge they can trick you into thinking they posses that elusive height. By wearing a lighter color he appears bigger than he actually is. A longer drop between the collar and first button of his suit also allude to a taller frame.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latafiah draws the eye away from her mid-section with a fitted corset that accentuates her bust. The tailors suit jacket in a dark color also add a slimming effect. The worse mistake is trying to hide your size with bigger clothes, it only draws more attention to what you are attempting to hide. Follow the Queen's lead here.

Dustin Hoffman

The stark contrast of his white shirt against his black suit create a great vertical line to emphasize height here. He is also wearing a suit with peaked lapels, not only are they appropriate for more formal events, but their angled lines make the shoulders look larger and more muscular.

Christina Hendricks

A single button at the waist draws attention to the smallest part on a women's body, her waist. Darker colors add to the affect and a long straight leg pant with heels, for added height, keep the proportions in line. Careful with a tapered leg if you have this body type as it can leave people looking top heavy.

James Gandolfini

A larger man looks best in solids as colors call attention to exactly how large he is. Peaked lapels may accentuate an already broad shoulder and single buttons call attention to a round midsection. Dark colors are, once again, slimming and a 3 button suit can help balance proportions.

The biggest obstacle, for every body type, is to get clothing that properly fits. Ill fitting clothing is the main problem when discussing body issues. Buying bigger clothes in an attempt to hide yourself only emphasises exactly how big you are. Especially when investing in pieces such as suits, make sure they fit you properly. Don't hesitate to let the crew at 9tailors help you design the perfect suit for your body.

Above photos courtesy of; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Kevin Winter/ Getty Images, Zimbio.com, christinhendricksgallery.com, LIFE respectively

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