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Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 5: Travel Accessories

Need to arrive after that 10+ hour flight looking fresh? Here are some gadgets that should help get the job done, without adding another piece of luggage to your entourage.

1. Always crisp
Weighing less than one pound and costing less than $50, this hand held steamer will keep you wrinkle free without the damage a tradition iron can cause to suits when used by an amateur. It includes every sort of adapter so you are always in possession of the right plug no matter the country.

2. The perfect shave
Be sure to look clean for your meetings, no matter how arduous the trip. This shave kit includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and after shave balm to keep your skin in top condition.

3. Stay plugged in
Consider purchasing all the potential converters you may need and keep them forever packed in your designated travel bag. That way you can sleep the night before rather than searching for your adapter.

4. Because no one likes you when you're grumpy
Crying babies making you edgy? Try on these headphones, arguably some of the best available, to cancel out the racket or to enjoy some music. At less than 1lb they will hardly make a dent in your allotted pounds per flight!

5. Keep it all together
Reservation confirmation, receipts, tickets, and any other loose papers that may be vital to your trip in one place. That scrap of legal paper you scribbled your flight number on? Yeah, that can fit in here too. Try out this travel wallet to streamline the search for your documents.

What gets you through your business travel? Let us know how you arrive in style!


Unknown said...

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Kathryn Walsh said...

Thanks Calvin! Let me know if you have any fashion related questions I can help you answer. We love getting feedback from our readers.