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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Get This - OoOtie Bowties

We love bow ties at 9tailors. But, how do you get one and not look and feel like an old man? Enter OoOtie (pronounced ooh-tie, rhymes with bow tie) the new way to purchase this cool accessory.

OoOtie was started by two tech and fashion savvy gentlemen, Matthew Pearlson and Adrian Rodriguez. They created a phone app for bow tie enthusiasts, so they can purchase bow ties on the go. In addition to finding fun and unique bow ties, the app allows you to try it on virtually before buying! Step 1: select the bow tie on your phone. Step 2: hold the phone under your chin and face a mirror. Voila! You'll get an idea of what you would look like wearing the bow tie before you buy it! Find more information about their app or download it here.

Here are some amazing selections from their online catalog.

"Paisley bow tie" $39 from Ootie
"Be the Champ" bow tie $39 from Ootie
"Blue Bow Tie with Pink Flamingo Critters" $39 from Oootie
"Gettin' Lucky" $39 from Oootie

Need help tying you bow tie? Learn how on our how-to guide here

Want a great shirt to wear with your new Ootie Bow Tie? Go to 9tailors.com or e-mail us at info@9tailors.com.

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