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Monday, February 28, 2011

How To: Tie a Bow-Tie

If you wear a tie everyday you would never think of using a clip-on, would you? It defeats the purpose of looking professional and polished. So, why do some men use pre-tied bow-ties? Is the thought of tying your own so daunting you avoid the activity altogether? Here is a step by step guide for the men, and the women who want to help their men, to get the crowning jewel of formal wear properly fastened.

Step 1. Place the tie around your neck. Leave the left end about an inch and a half longer than the other.

Step 2. Choose how loose you want the tie to be using the first button as a guide. Then cross the long end over the short end.

Step 3. Slip the long end under the portion of the tie around your neck. Hold the two ends together at the button to keep it together.

Step 4. Make a zig zag with the shorter of the two pieces beneath where your fingers are holding it together.

Step 5. Bring the long end down and over the zig zag you have made with the shorter of the two ends.

Step 6. Gather the zig zag made with the shorter piece and pull it up to the center. Arrange the folds depending on how you want your tie to sit.

Step 7. Hold everything in place. Take the long piece, fold it over itself, and pull it behind the gathered zig zag and through the back. Loop it through to the left.

Step 8. Pull tight. Arrange the bow as you see fit.

Congratulations! You have tied your own bow-tie. It may take a few practice runs before you feel comfortable with the final product. But, in 8 simple steps the intimidating bow-tie has been reduced to a more than manageable task. Now that you have the hard part down, let 9tailors help you find the perfect dress shirt to match.

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