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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get This - Meet The Dyson Of Umbrellas

The fate of many umbrellas from today's storm in Boston.

Photo by: Tyler J. Clemens VIII
Umbrellas are not usually something that one would blog about. But, one of our clients, Tim Wong, and Twitter followers (follow us here) suggested that we take a look at the Blunt Umbrellas after our post on rain gear for spring. We did. We are impressed.

Just like the James Dyson, of Dyson, inventor of Blunt Umbrellas, Greig Brebner, saw fundamental flaws in their respective products. In Dyson's case, he improved the suction, maneuverability and overall design of the traditional vaccuum cleaner. In Brebner's case, he hated the "bristling spikes" (he was literally poked in the eye with one) and the fact that they turn inside out as soon as a gust of wind blew. He hated that normal umbrellas just break after a few uses. Many prototypes later, he figured out the solution. Brebner made his stronger and tauter. Not only that, he made his so that it could withstand Force 12 winds...

Here's what we like about the Blunt. First, we like the sleek design. Second, it's fairly lightweight. The original Blunt is only 1.4lbs and the Blunt LITE weighs a mere 1lb. Third, it comes come a few colors, including black, blue, red and silver!

It's a little pricey. It's $99 to own one of these awesome umbrellas. But, perhaps the best thing about the Blunt Umbrella is that it's made to last. You'll want to use this umbrella year after year. You won't ever have to buy a bad umbrella that will just end up in a landfill some where.

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