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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To: Layer

Yesterday's post touched on layering, but since its the most practical way of dressing in the coming weeks, it deserves a little more attention. Layering is something of an art and can easily turn ugly if not approached properly. Lets start with the obvious; stick with colors in the same family, thinner layers first, avoid over-sized clothing, and bulkier layers on top.

Here are some ways to put together a casual Friday look for the office. Pair it with some chinos or textured wool slacks and a nice pair of lace ups. For personalized blazers get yourself an appointment with a 9tailors style consultant who can help you design a perfectly fitting perfectly you piece of outerwear. Add a pocket square with a bold print to get some more color in there. Printed scarfs are an alternative to rescue a controlled color scheme from becoming bland.

Casual Friday

Now for the weekend. Try a track jacket with a vest underneath. Or try a hoodie under a leather jacket. With both looks you can add a colorful belt and a t-shirt with your favorite band on it for an infusion of personality.

Weekend Wear

Can't find a properly fitting vest? 9tailors regularly makes vests from anything you dream up. Last year a client came to us with a pair of old pants that were promptly made into a vest for his wedding. Choose a different fabric for the back, choose how many buttons, choose where the first button hits, and get the perfect fit.

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