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Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 5: Spring Gear

Spring doesn't always come in pleasantly; unexpected flurries and downpours mixed with scorching heat will make for some interesting weeks ahead. Make life a little easier by having the proper gear available. No one wants to be caught wearing snow boots when that rainy day turns into a scorcher. Just as no one wants to be without a jacket when the flurry hits. In other words, spring means being versatile.

1. Choose jackets that are water resistant at the very least. A proper rain jacket would be best, but even Scotchgard-ing your jackets will keep you drier, longer, and protect it from additional wear caused by the elements. Check out the jacket below here.

2. Choose your shoes wisely- avoid suede. When potentially dealing with rain, snow, and shine you can borrow from the ladies and keep a pair of shoes at work while wearing boots on your commute, like these. Rather not keep shoes under your desk? Keep your leather lace ups in good condition and a few puddles shouldn't do too much harm.

Another strategy is to switch out your investment pieces for nice, yet cheaper, versions. Like theses ALDO shoes for around $60, check them out here.

3. Actually keep your leather kicks in good condition! Easier said than done, try going the extra mile and get yourself some leather treatments so your shoes will last another season. An extra 15 bucks now could save you from having to drop a few bills on new shoes later.

4. Keep yourself dry. I have heard my male friends talk about how uncomfortable they feel carrying around an umbrella, as holding one instantly makes them less-manly.

Gentlemen, it keeps you dry! Plus, it could always be a great conversation starter when the woman who works in the building across from you was less than prepared and could use your assistance. Check out a standard, compact, black umbrella here from REI. Or, use a cane like umbrella for added sophistication.

5. Layer upon layer. During the winter months thick wool and heavy jackets are fine as the weather is consistently between cold and freezing. When the spring hits, it gets a little messy. So keep comfortable by having something on for every temperature. For casual occasions start with a t-shirt under a hoodie then a leather jacket, add a scarf for effect. For more formal outings try a button down with a vest under a blazer or sport coat- add a top coat if necessary. Or switch the vest for a sweater when the weather calls for it.

Here is a couple off the runway looks and another straight from the streets.

Remember; thinner clothes first, stay comfortable, and try to mix in some color.

Need some nice button downs for layering? Let us know at info@9tailors.com if you would like to set up an appointment with a style consultant.

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