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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Steal This Look: Celtics

While I can appreciate a man in uniform its more impressive when a man can own the transition from dictated attire to personal style successfully. Since my search for a man with flair who hailed from the Red Sox, in honor of the new season, turned up empty handed, I went for the next best thing.

The Celtics players will be our inspiration this week. Basketball players just have more style than other athletes, soccer as the obvious exception. Regardless of why, here is how.

Pocket squares, full Windsor tie knots, khaki suits, pinstriped suits with paisley ties, these men have pulled it together with the just the right amount of cuff showing. The classic suit design allows for some more playful accents.

Allen's color scheme are perfect for the weather (they were visiting LA) and season. Pierce has a great mix of patterns going that manage to be flattering and not too loud. Rondo is the most classic of the bunch because of his clean lines and standard patterns. His well fitting suit and wide spread shirt collar, allowing for more of the tie knot to show, keep his look on trend. Garnett is almost the most understated of the group, if it weren't for the massive rocks hanging from his ears. Yet the clean lines of his solid suit make for an appealing ensemble. Below is some more evidence that these men can dress themselves.

Real men wear pink, enough said.

Just because you are traveling doesn't mean you should break out the workout clothes. KG has a comfortable sweater, pants with a relaxed fit, and a great leather weekend bag for all those travel essentials.

Who is your style icon. Is there an athlete who really knows how to dress himself? Let us know at info@9tailors!

Side note: Shaq has earned himself an honorable but mention given his short life as a Celtic and the fact he has worn nearly every jersey in the NBA, he didn't make the cut.

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