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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How To: Dress the Part

It is important to dress professionally for your interview. With that said don't discard your personal style. Dressing the part is just as important as being yourself and with the right balance you can infuse your interview ensemble with work appropriate flair.

Applying for a job as an art director beckons clothing far different from applying to a law firm or corporate position. Make sure you target the audience are are aiming at for a memorable impression.

When you walk into a room the first thing people notice, good or bad, is your appearance. Above all you should be groomed and clean. Trim those nose hairs, clean up your facial hair, and at the very least gentlemen, shower!

Creative Position
If you are going for a creative position the rules are more lax, yet don't discard tradition altogether. Go for separates and some accent pieces that showcase your creativity. If you are sure, be absolutely sure here, that your field is okay with jeans on the interview go for a darker more formal wash with a tucked in shirt. Have fun with your belt and keep the shoes formal and sleek. No matter how casual the atmosphere avoid the on-trend but casual combat boots.

Pick a belt to coordinate with your darker shoes, brown or black would work just fine. Pick an accent piece such as a watch to have fun with. Something they can remember you by.

IT or Accountant
These fields are known, sorry guys, for being devoid of style. Because of that it is safer to stay traditional to avoid scaring some of the older men in the field that no doubt control the entry gates. A medium grey suit with a blue shirt and blue tie should do the trick. Go with black shoes and a matching black belt to seal the deal. Feel free to sub the suit jacket with a navy sweater or just the dress shirt if it's warm out. This should also set you apart from the sea of khakis that will inevitably follow.

Business Consultant or Law Firm
Each of these fields demands men of confidence, not arrogance. You should be able to project a self assured attitude while humbly acknowledging you are in the beginning stages of your career. To do this try a navy suit with a solid blue shirt and a tie fashion in a Windsor knot. Work subtle red bits into your tie such as blue on blue stripes with subtle red pinstripes worked in. Red symbolizes confidence and power, but a little goes a long way. Don't overstep your abilities at the first meeting.

Borrow from the Accountants above with a black pair of lace-ups and a black dress belt.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about dressing for your specific field. You can email us at info@9tailors.com to make an appointment with a style consultant so you're better dressed than the rest at that interview.

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