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Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 5: Interview Worthy Pieces

This week is dedicated to the graduates. You made it through those all night cramming sessions, the endless papers and projects, and the less than pleasant professors. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You did it.

Now you need to swap those grungy chucks for some lace ups and those stained university shirts for some proper button downs if you want any hope for landing your dream job. If you skipped a few of those cramming session you're going to need something other than that not-so-stellar GPA to impress your potential employers.

1. A perfectly fitting button down. Keep it classic, whites and blues are well suited for interviews. Nothing too fancy. Avoid french cuffs and button down collars, the first is too formal and the later too casual. A 9tailors style consultant can help you pick out the perfect color for your skin tone.

2. A suit. While we know 9tailors suits are the best quality, another brand will suffice as long as it properly fits. Don't project the image you just raided your fathers closet on your first meeting. Make it clear you can dress yourself, it projects confidence. Opt for two buttons and a notched lapel for a current yet classic look that can be used for years to come.

Stick with navy or charcoal for your starter suits. Unless you have another strong preference your pant hem should hit about a quarter of an inch above your shoe's heel and your suit sleeve should end slightly past your wrist to allow for a sliver of cuff to peek out.

3. Lace ups. Your shoes should be an investment piece. The better the quality the longer they will last you, given you treat them properly. One pair of black and one of brown should get you through almost any occasion. Make sure you have coordinating belts.

4. A tie. While this may seem like an obvious addition, one you probably already have, it is crucial to pick out the right one. Going with a bold color or pattern is a sign of confidence but is potentially inappropriate for a recent grad. Stick with understated patterns to not project too much confidence which may appear as arrogance. Choose color on color patterns that appear solid from across the room to keep your look understated. Go for a Windsor knot for a strong balanced look.

5. A leather bound folder. A briefcase may be necessary once you actually land the job, for the interview keep things as simple as possible and store your necessary papers in a sleek leather notebook.

A last reminder, it may seem obvious, but if you really want that job, make sure your clothes are cleaned and pressed. If you are debating whether that shirt is too wrinkled- it's too wrinkled. Stay ahead of your schedule and ensure your clothes are ready for your big day.

Side Note: If you are finishing up undergrad, conventional wisdom states you must get yourself a suit. While this can be great advice, it is only necessary when; you don't have a suit that fits or, the field of work you are entering requires a suit. If you do not fall into either of these categories, separates work just as well and can help save you some cash while you are paying back those student loans.

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