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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How To: Equip your closet for Spring

Lauren Antos, Mens style extraordinaire, outlines 6 key pieces for revamped spring ensembles.

6 Key pieces to add for Spring:

1. Utility or Members Only Jacket.

Easy going enough for everyday wear, but can also be dressed up for a truly versatile piece.

2. Linen. Monochromatic white ensembles, pants, and shirts.

This trend is easily transcends the runway to everyday wear.

Below, some of the most recognizable style icons demonstrate their take on monochromatic attire.

3. Gingham and Plaid.

Best summer shirting print, keeps your look fun and fresh.

4. Great Spring shoes; sneakers, sandals, and oxfords.

Please, please, leave the tennis shoes for the gym. Try on of these options instead!

5. Light weight sweater.

For those not-quite-summer nights.

6. Relaxed casual suit in white,light blue, grey or seersucker.

Suits can be playful without looking clownish.

Let 9tailors know if you have any questions about your spring wardrobe, or if you need a more hands on approach, feel free to e-mail Lauren.

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