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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To: Wear Colored Suits

Yesterday we explored suit options beyond black and charcoal. So the next logical step would be how to incorporate this new look into your wardrobe. Many of these options may be too wild for the workplace so keep in mind your professions feelings towards your attire before donning an electric blue blazer in the morning before that presentation.

These two suits are great for the summer months when the thought of dark wool suits already has you sweating. The first is for the man who loves pink, yet it may not work for the office unless you're the boss or its an easygoing atmosphere. The second, white, suit could be worn by anyone. Leave out the vest if it's not your style. The classic lines and subtle pinstripe makes keep it classic and current at the same time.

The contrasting monochromatic lapels are the defining part of these casual jackets. Only for the weekend, or casual Fridays. Pair the jacket with dark washed jeans or well fitting khakis.

No stranger to color Hilfiger has created some bold pieces. The first could easily work for the office. Swap brighter blues- not too bright if you want them for work wear- for those navvy suits that are indistinguishable from black. The second jacket could be paired with blue slacks and worn in the evening. Pair the jacket with jeans for a daytime look.

Points to Remember:
  • Impeccable fit- if your suit fits poorly, colors will call up images of the circus. Avoid this with custom made suits from 9tailors.
  • Lighter colors work better for work. If you are still uncomfortable with a pink suit, try working in some pink pinstripes on a light grey suit.
  • Break up bright pieces with textured neutral pieces.
  • Love the looks above? They do carry designer price-tags- to avoid taking out another loan rivaling a mortgage, make an appointment here for any suit you can dream up.

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