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Monday, April 25, 2011

Top 5: Colored Suits

Suits can become a little boring. That weekly rotation between your navy, charcoal, and black suits must become a little tedious. Here's to hinting at another style. Men avoid colored suits because they are in fact hard to handle. But just take a look at some of these; stripes, colors, and patterns to entice you to try something different.

Lardini Cotton-Linen White Suit
White is not a color, some would argue, but it is at the very least the exact opposite of every dark and reserved suit you have in your closet. Not appropriate for the office it serves as a great casual suit for the coming summer months.

Moschino Blue Two Piece Suit
This is the ultimate statement suit. Swap that black tux for a blue suit for those required formal events. Too fierce for the office, don't unleash this beast til after the sun goes down.

Junya Watanabe
One of a kind, only for those that really want something different.

3.1 Philip Lim

When wearing a suit that is so different from your usual, keep the other design elements the same; notched lapels, two button closure, slim lines. Keeping a consistent silhouette will make you feel more comfortable.

Timo Weiland
A shockingly bright jacket can always be paired with a muted, textured pant to keep things under control. But don't be afraid to get bold with your colors.

And #6, as always, choose your color from 9tailors. We can make suits in any shape, any color, and any fabric you can dream up. Come in today, let's get creative.

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