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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spread Good Style

Friends don't let friends dress badly. Shirts cut so wide they could double as maternity clothes, arms that accentuate how built you aren't, and collars that call up mental images of Saturday Night Fever. This need not be you- or the ones you love.

We understand that off the rack sizes of small, medium, and large just aren't diverse enough to get a great fit, so make an appointment with a style consultant. She will walk you through every aspect of the shirt and suit building process.

Love your shirts? Great, now spread good style! Everyone wants to look their best, usually with minimal effort. After we get your measurements (and hopefully your friends) and finalize the ultimate fit, it could be as simple as an email to get another shirt made. No malls, no dressing rooms, no frustrating sales people. Just consistently perfect shirts made just for you.

Of course no good deed goes unnoticed. So, for helping out your friends we would like to give each of you $25 dollars towards your next purchase! Refer your friend here.

Now here is an example of how your friend will react after receiving their shirts. Shirts they only have upon your recommendation.
First- pure ecstasy. They didn't even know shirts could fit that well, be so flattering, and so comfortable!

Next- gripped by undying gratitude they embrace the man that got them to 9tailors. If you and your friends are a little more restrained than these Bostonians it may just be a handshake.

So stop by, give us a call, or send us an email at info@9tailors.com to get the ball rolling!

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