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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To: Dress your Groomsmen

Your groomsmen are usually the life of the party- a bunch of energetic guys keeping the dance floor filled and the drinks flowing. Make sure they look their best while they are entertaining your guests and standing before a congregation while you profess your undying love to your bride.

Traditionally the groomsmen have the same colors as their fearless leader, the groom, with a few twists. The groom should look the most formal of the bunch. Some opt for having a three piece suit while the groomsmen wear a two piece. A colorful bowtie, or other accent that serves to set apart the groom is all that is needed to clarify who the day is really for.

At 9tailors we specialize in wedding groups, making sure all the suits are the same shade of blue, the buttons match, and the fit is impeccable. If matching suits are the order of the day, make sure they are really matching. Once they are gathered around the alter it will become painfully obvious that their suits are not the same color.

Vests are the easiest way to draw attention to the groom. Put all the groomsmen in vests and the groom in a suit, as above.

If everyone is going to be wearing the same style, such as all in suits or all in slacks and vests, color is where the distinction should be made. If all the men are wearing vests make sure the groom has a different vest or tie than his counterparts.

Another, cheaper, option is to get dress shirts that match. You can get these at 9tailors in any shade with any type of contrasting fabric to work in the colors of your wedding.

Don't be afraid to get creative. A wedding is a personal expression of your style, have fun with it. Contact a 9tailors style consultant here to get a little help deciding how daring you want to get on your big day!

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