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Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 5: Budget Wedding Essentials

The cost to pledge eternal love is spiraling out of control. Most estimates place the average wedding around $24,000. This doesn't even include the honeymoon or engagement rings! Many couples don't have that kind of cash just sitting around waiting to be eaten up by centerpieces and linens so here are the top five wedding essentials that can save you sanity and years of debt.

1) The Venue: The wedding hall, the reception area, the church- these will be the biggest portion of your budget. Choose wisely. Look into hosting the wedding at a family members home. It will not only cut costs dramatically but will allow you to have more control over what goes where as opposed to a church or hotel. A familiar setting with fewer guests will also add a heightened sense of intimacy.

2) The Cake: Most couples probably wouldn't want to make their own cake. Not only are they under enough stress as it is, but it's a tricky thing to make a spectacular wedding cake that is edible as well. Look to alternatives such as individual cupcakes that usually end up costing less than the grand multi-tiered cakes traditionally at weddings. Just because you switched to cupcakes you don't have to switch to casual, check out the picture below of a cupcake masterpiece.

3) Invitations: Cut your costs but not your style. Invitations usually provide clues to your guests as to what type of event it will be. Dinosaur themed? The invitation would undoubtedly give off a casual and fun vibe. Black tie? Doesn't mean that your invitations must be made by pricey professionals. Doing a little homework will go a long way and save you hundreds of dollars. Try online tools or do the work yourself with a little help from your local craft store. From traditional to trendy check out wedding paper divas.

4) The Photographer: This is one area you should not cut corners on. Ending up with out of focus pictures from bad angles would not be worth the couple hundred dollars saved. Instead add a new point of view for relatively little cost- place disposable cameras at all the tables. These will let the guests capture other parts of the wedding your photographer may miss.

5) Attire: The bride is usually the centerpiece of the wedding, but make sure the groom looks like a million bucks as well! Rather than do it yourself- design it yourself. At 9tailors you can customize your tux, or suit, to your exact specifications all for around $550. Specific colors at your wedding? No problem, 9tailors can get your color and your fit perfect so everything fits together on the big day. Contact a style consultant here to make an appointment.

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