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Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding Attire for Same-Sex Couples

We are officially in wedding season at 9tailors! We feel so happy and excited that we can be apart of such a special day. From casual weddings on a farm to stately weddings in a mansion, our couples tastes and styles couldn't be more diverse. Thankfully, our custom process is flexible enough to make our couples' visions come to life.

We also work with many same-sex couples. But, one of the biggest dilemmas for same-sex couples, particularly for brides, is finding something that is not only sophisticated, but also reflective of their personal styles. Many brides are also not interested in getting married in a traditional gown either, so they turn to us for suiting or shirting.

Here are some ideas for our same sex couples.... 

1) Matching outfits. While I this is not my favorite idea, I do like the continuity. One way to personalize each of the suits is to line the inside jacket with two complementary colors (typically the couple's wedding colors) inside the jacket. Or, if we're doing a three piece, I might even suggest choosing vest fabrics in two similar colors (e.g., one in a lighter hue and the other darker). See below George Takei and Brad Altman in matching dinner jackets and slacks.

Brad Altman & George Takei

2) Contrasting Outfits with One Matching Piece. I love this idea. Choose one main element to contrast and then another matching piece to tie the look together. This way you can avoid looking too matchy-matchy. Do this by choosing a matching shirt with a contrasting suiting colors. Or, you may select the same suiting fabric and opt for different shirt fabrics. While the shirts may be in two different shirting fabrics, you can tie the shirts together with the same accents. See couple, TR Knight and partner, Mark Cornelsen, below in matching shirts and contrasting suits.

Mark Cornelsen &TR Knight
3) Complementary Outfits. This is another fantastic idea. You may choose the same hues like Ellen's wedding to Portia. This is a fantastic way for each person to shine in their own way on their wedding. Many people choose whites, off-whites and creams - it's simple and elegant. But, bolder colors in the same hues are fantastic as well! See Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi looking beautiful in their whites on whites.

Portia DeRossi and Ellen DeGeneres

There are so many unconventional and unique ideas that same-sex couples can choose from!

Need suiting or shirting for your upcoming wedding? Contact us here.

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