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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get This: Wedding gifts

A toaster? I'm sure every couple is absolutely thrilled when they get that super practical kitchen appliance out of that beautiful box, but where is the fun. Leave the kitchenware to their Uncle Milton and get your friends entering into eternal bondage something exciting that will not collect crumbs or dust.

The Almighty Dollar makes a practical gift that retains its fun. Many couples do cash registry to make it easier on you. If not, cold-hard-cash fits nicely into a decorative envelope.

Think out of the box (if your close enough). If you know where the couple is going to honeymoon, get them a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant in the area. Make sure they know this is a time-sensitive gift and don't leave it in the heap to be opened later.

Sign them up for a reoccurring gift, like a wine of the month club. That way they will be able to enjoy your gift all the time! Make sure the couple is really into whatever you choose beforehand. You don't want them to deal with a bad gift that comes every month.

Lastly, our personal favorite- a gift certificate to 9tailors! No one has too many suits or dress shirts, and probably none that will fit as well as ours. So go ahead, treat that new couple to some power suits! Get your gift certificates here.

Other tips:
Don't spend less than $50 on their gift.
Don't get too creative if it is someone you aren't as close to, chances are they will be returning it. If you aren't close enough to get them something creative, go with an expensive gift off their registry. It is probably something they would really like but may not have the funds for at the moment.
Have gifts shipped to their residence so they don't have to deal with a pile of prettily wrapped boxes at the end of the night.

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Unknown said...

Wedding gifts are among the most exciting aspects of a wedding. I my upcoming wedding, I'm so excited to wear my new black men suit.