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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To: Wedding attire

Yesterday, the suiting options for various weddings were laidout. Now lets talk about how to put it all together. The accessories are just as important, you never want to outdo the wedding party. But, you don't want to be the slob in a wrinkled dress shirt either.

Shoes and Belts: Both should probably be black and shiny if it is a formal event. For those ceremonies that take place in the woods or on the beach earth toes are appropriate. Try to stick to one color scheme. Brown is suitable for daytime weddings.

Cufflinks: If you are wearing a dress shirt with a French cuff make sure you dont go too wild with the cufflinks. We love that you love Pokemon, just don't wear it on your sleeve.

Pearl cufflinks are great for daytime weddings, silver or gold for evening events.
The Don'ts

Jeans are not acceptable, ever.
Do not be more formal than the wedding party.
Because weddings are full of dancing, eating, laughing, and all around partying, make sure your clothes are not only clean and pressed but fit well and will be comfortable all night. Or else you could end up like this guy when you finally execute that killer dance move you have been practicing all night.
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