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Monday, May 2, 2011

Top 5: Summer wedding looks

As a guest to a wedding you are expected to look good; groomed, properly dressed, and in any color but white. A bride wants her guests to look appropriate, but not to steal her thunder- she should be the only one in white (unless specifically asked to wear white avoid it at all costs). Yet in the summer a standard black suit may be too morbid, calling up images of funeral homes rather than a joyous celebration of love. Not to mention a black wool suit for a daytime wedding in July could quite possibly be the death of you. Here are some ideas of how to dress depending on the location, time of day, and style of the event.

1. Afternoon formal wedding.
Go for a light grey suit and a crisp lavender shirt. Its a fresh look and will set you apart from the rest. A tie is probably optional if the wedding is before sunset, but be sure to honor the couple's dress code.

2. Informal daytime wedding.
Get yourself a khaki suit. The cotton will keep you dramatically cooler than a wool suit and it has a fun air about it. Watch the pockets- they define how formal it can be made. Look for pockets with a flap to keep it from becoming too casual.

3. Daytime beach wedding.
Try a linen suit or even just the slacks. It's nice and breathable to keep you from getting overheated and just formal enough to fit in at a wedding. Just watch how light the color gets so you don't get into a competition with the bride. And don't fight the wrinkles, its all part of linen's charm.

4. Evening formal wedding.
The black suit will suffice here, hopefully you are in an air conditioned room to prevent heat stroke. Get yourself a great pair of wingtips and a bold tie to complete the look.

5. Black tie wedding.
This is a no-brainer. Wear a tux, gentlemen. If you want to get creative go with a navy or brighter blue (not too bright) tuxedo. A tux should never be worn during the day so be sure to analyze the announced dress code before deciding its appropriate.

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Unknown said...

If you're gonna wed in summer, then you must look for suits beforehand. I'll wear a blue pinstripe suit on our wedding because I love the way they look and they look great on me.