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Monday, May 30, 2011

Top 5: Ways to Stay Cool

It's tough to stay cool during these scorching summer months. Here are a few ideas for women in the work place.



1. Stick to natural fabrics. Silk, cotton, and linen are more breathable and will keep you cooler. Avoid man-made fabrics such as polyester or rayon as these will trap heat. Email us at info@9tailors.com to make an appointment to design your 100% cotton dress shirt!

2. Stick to lighter colors. Just walking from your car to the office in a black outfit can get you sweating. Light colors will reflect the sun rather than absorb it.

3. Layer, layer, layer. Wear a few light layers so you can peel them back if you need to go outside but can pile them on for those days when the office AC is out of control.

4. Try out a camisole. Wear a cami under your blouse to wick away moisture and keep you cooler- and drier.

5. Opt for looser clothing such as dresses, skirts, or linen pants to allow for a breeze between your skin and the fabric. Tighter clothes will trap heat against your body and are probably made of synthetic fibers adding to the problem.

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