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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To: Avoid Fashion Faux Pas During the Summer

Here are just a few things that should be avoided at all costs during the summer days spent at the office, well most of these should never be worn- ever.
mens faux pas

The first is a Hawaiian shirt. This is really not appropriate for work. It has a casual feel that says your on an island ready to relax. Basically, it screams your prepared for a vacation, the antithesis of work. Not exactly the image you want to send your boss' way.

Second is shorts. Above are some plaid shorts and some swim shorts. Neither should ever grace the hallways of your office. Restrict these to the beach only. The plaid shorts may make an appearance on a company sponsored golf outing, but should never ever enter the boardroom.

Men may appreciate it when women wear tank tops, but gentlemen, don't assume the fairer sex will feel the same about your overly exposed body. Even at the gym these are gag inducing unless you happen to have cultured the body of a Greek god.

Sandals should never be worn, no one wants to see your feet. I know you may want to show off your new pedi, but the world isn't ready for all that toe.

The last item is a pair of wrap around shades. If your job is similar to Lance Armstrong, then this is just perfect for you. But, the rest of the you working in the non-spandex world, leave these at home for your next Tour de France.

If you are now painfully aware of how wrong your wardrobe is for work email us at info@9tailors.com to schedule an appointment with a style consultant who can help you look your best.

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