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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get This: Stopping the Stink

New England rarely transitions nicely from winter to summer, here we are with 90 degree weather right after a week of chilly rainstorms. Because of the erratic weather it may be hard at first to ditch the bulky sweaters and thick leather boots but they will quickly look out of place among the Sperrys and polos. Much of the summer footwear is not designed to wear with socks. Gross, you may say, but if done right there is no problem, or stench, that comes along with going sock-less. Here are a few tricks that will stomp out the funk that could be your feet.

If at all possible, don't wear the same shoes two days in a row. They will not completely dry out overnight and will leave you putting your feet back into an already damp environment where bacteria can grow.

Another trick is to get shoe trees. Go ahead and splurge on the high quality cedar ones which absorb moisture and control odor. It will keep your shoes in good condition for longer. Treat your loafers and slip-ons to some relief from your sweaty hoofs.
Another tactic is to get odor absorbing inserts. Cheap and easy to come buy at the local pharmacy, these will save you money on ruining shoes and prevent watery eyes when you take your shoes off.

If you really don't want to go sock-less, please get yourself some socks that sit below the top of your shoes, invisible socks. Those beloved bright white, or worse dingy, tube socks sticking a half foot above the top of your shoe is not anyone's best look. Try some of these instead.

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