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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last week sports gods and goddesses came out for the night to celebrate their achievements in the athletic world and to show off their fashion savvy (or lack thereof) outside the stadium. Here are some top picks from the night.

Blake Griffin is easily sporting the best look of the night. His light grey three piece suit is perfectly paired with a patterned tie picking up the blue tones in his jacket and a tie bar to add some extra interest.

Well doesn't he clean up nicely, kinda. Tim Thomas of the Bruins managed to keep a slightly unkempt look while at the same time looking as polished as we have ever seen him. Blue is a great color for him and the monochromatic palate is understated enough to make him feel comfortable in that suit.

For a bowtie that really pops use contrasting colors like Tyson Chandler of the Mavericks. The large black bowtie against the white shirt and cream tuxedo jacket really make a statement.

This one needs no explanation. Brian Wilson of the Giants has very specific taste.

If you need some formal attire don't hesitate to let us know. We won't steer you towards Wilson's style, unless that's what you're after. Email us at info@9tailors.com to set up an appointment with a style consultant who can help you find your look.

Photos from ESPN

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