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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To: Wear an Unconventional Wedding Suit

Supermodel, Kate Moss, and rocker, Jamie Hince of The Kills were wed late last week. While we were loving the model's beautifully beaded gown, we couldn't help notice the awesome suit the groom was wearing! A double-breasted, gray-blue suit can be difficult to wear if you're not a slim guy like Jamie. But, here are some tips to make his look more wearable!

1. If you choose to do a unconventional color (like black, charcoal, navy, etc.), keep the hues subdued and subtle. You don't want to look like you're going to an 80s prom.

2. Keep the silhouette slim through the torso and legs. The shoulder pads should be kept to a minimum as to avoid the football player look. While Jamie did a fantastic job of keeping things skinny, I would have had his tailor shorten his shirt sleeves a little bit. Half to quarter inch of sleeve peaking through is fine, but three inches seems a bit much.

3. Wear a ankle boots. Many men ask us what footwear to wear with their skinny pants. The shoe's laces and tongue can add bulk around the ankle. I like ankle boots under skinny boots because it not only has a edgier feel to it, but it also keeps things simple and sleek. Thus, the pant opening can slip easily over the shoe.

4. Mix it up with a striped or patterned shirt. Sure. There's definitely less "thinking" involved when putting together your solid shirt and tie combo. But, a patterned shirt can give your overall look that fun it was missing. Choose a pattern that still complements the colors in your suit. Here, Jamie does it by going with a striped shirt in a darker hue than his suit.

5. Go with a silk scarf tie instead of a regular tie. We like the ones from Herm├Ęs, of course. They are light-weight and quirky. It's less precise and crisp than a normal tie for a man. The scarf ties can be worn like a tie or wrapped simply around the neck.

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