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Monday, August 1, 2011

Defining Fit

When buying a suit, either off the rack or tailored, it is imperative to understand the different forms of fit available that way you are better equipped to describe your requirements. While custom suiting offers more versatility in terms of shape and structure there is still basic terminology that will help you get your preferences across.

At 9tailors we work with our clients to make garments that fit exactly how they imagine their clothing to fit. For some this means a roomier fit, others want it to feel like a second layer of skin. Whatever your preferences, we have a fit to suit you. Now I will break down the three basic choices.

American: This is our roomier option. This is for men that prefer more room between themselves and the suit, upwards of 5 inches. It has more movement room but also looses some of its shape in the process and becomes slightly boxy. It is less tapered in the waist than its European or skinny counterpart and is reminiscent of how a suit would fit if purchased off the rack. The model in the photo below is pictured wearing a European cut suit with a red outline to demonstrate how the suit would fit had it been an American cut. The legs would be wider and the waist of the jacket much less tapered.

European: This is our most popular option. It has roughly 3 to 4 inches of ease between your body and the suit. This fit has a tailor look without becoming restrictive. The legs of the trousers are tapered without being slim and calling up images of skinny jeans. The jacket is trim at the waist without pulling and giving off the image you are wearing your younger brothers clothing. It has been described before as a confident fit. The slight taper lends itself to show off (or create) broader shoulders and a trimmer waist, making those who wear it feel confident.

Skinny Fit: This is usually reserved for the seasoned professionals of custom. It is extremely fitted and close to the body with an ease around 2 inches. The model below, featured in a European fit, is outlined in red to illustrate how a skinny would fit. As apparent in the photo, it is very slim through the legs of the trousers and the body of the jacket is trim against his waist.

These are just templates to allow your style consultant to gather your preferences. The beauty of custom suiting is having the ability to get your suit to fit your body properly. But by understanding the underlying fits offered you are in a better position to make decisions to fit your body and lifestyle.

Email us today, at info@9tailors.com, to set up an appointment with a style consultant who can help design a suit for you with your favorite fit!

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