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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Emmys 2011: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Another award show has come to an end. It left some lasting impressions, good and bad. Here are the successes and casualties of the night.


Hamm may not have won any awards for his acting but we give him the vote for best dressed of the evening. His Tom Ford double breasted shawl collar tuxedo he draws attention to all the right places. The proportions are great and accentuate his masculine silhouette.

Chris Colfer also looks great in a tailored suit by Dior Homme and slightly unkempt skinny tie which adds to his appeal and emphasizes his youth.

Hands down the best group of the night. Not only did the cast of Modern Family sweep the awards ceremony with 5 big wins, but they were the best dressed group of the night. The younger members appropriately dressed their age while the senior members of the group were the picture of polished.


Shawl collars are great, when done right. But, thin and leather? The only saving grace here is the fit. Please reconsider your attempt to be trendy the next time you don a tuxedo. Jon Cryer could use some help next year, just ask Jon Hamm how it's done.


Please Sir, button up, or button down the right way. Did you forget to fasten the top 5 buttons? Or, are you simply trying to emphasize your enormous pectoral muscles that are coincidentally oiled up?

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1 comment:

Vinny said...

Seal does have Heidi Klum on his arm. He must be doing something right. I honestly didn't even notice he was in the photo until I read the caption.