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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pants that Changed the World

Fads come and go but some make an impression that lasts. Check out the pants that changed the world, even if their brightest moment was fleeting-thankfully.

Probably the most memorable pants are those that MC Hammer famously flaunted.

Their unflattering silhouette makes for a diaper inspired look even on the most toned bodies. These should only make an appearance on Halloween.

Another fad tragedy was Zubaz. Created by a couple wrestlers on the road who wanted something more comfortable, and fashionable, to work out in these pants took the world by storm. Usually worn with a mullet and equally ostentatious shirt these pants guarantee to please even the most discerning of fashionistas.

The company went bankrupt a few years after its birth and was subsequently named in the top three horrible things to happen to sports that year. What a legacy for zebra print.

The most recent of the three would be this...Sagging.

Why must boys show off their underwear? There is nothing flattering, or practical, about wearing your pants well below your backside. And, why is he wearing a belt?

If you wore any of these, or worse, still do, please contact a style consultant at info@9tailors.com to make an appointment. We will get you some good fitting slacks that complement your shape, and will stay put while you walk.

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