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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seeing Double- Fall 2011 Trends

While women's fashion is volatile and swiftly changing, the fashion moguls of men's wear tend to employ more subtle changes. Last season we saw a spike in three-piece suits. This season we're seeing double- double breasted that is. Small changes to the classic suit make for bold statements in the world of suits. Here are a few examples off the runway.

The model to the left is wearing a Dolce & Gabanna while the model to the right is wearing DKNY.

The key to wearing a suit that is slightly daring is impeccable fit. If it hugs the body in the right places while emphasizing a masculine physique you will look like a master of style rather than a victim of fashion. Another component is color. The suits that step out from the current norm should be in subtle hues to let their shape come through.

Proportions are also key when concerning double breasted jackets. Carefully look at the amount of shirt showing, the "V" of the jacket can be altered depending on your preferences and figure. The two Gucci suits above have a deeper "V" and would flatter a shorter man.

Peaked lapels are also very attractive in a double breasted jacket, or coat, as they accentuate the shoulders. Since there is more fabric over one's midsection the peaked lapels draw the eye out to prevent a bulky look.

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