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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscars 2012: An Ode to the Classics

Not only did we bring back silent films this year, but we saw the majority of the male attendants bringing back classic tuxedo lines and accents.  Shawl, and peaked lapels were the order of the day with a few notched thrown in.  Despite seeing a serious trend towards the classic everyone seemed to have a specific twist to their look that set their traditional attire apart from the rest.

The following two gentlemen have accessories that pop.  Robert Downey Jr. has been featured on the blog several times because of his consistent tasteful approach to quirky.  Sadly, this time I have to say he missed the mark with this over-sized and overly-bedazzled bowtie.  Leave the glitter at home. Despite the added bling we can commend him for his well fitted tux. And, hey, Gwyneth seems to like it.

Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow Courtesy of Getty Images
However, Gary Oldman nailed it with his playful pocket square with a polka dot print. The one button tux is the perfect choice for a guy of average height as it creates flattering proportions and accentuates height.

Gary Oldman Courtsey of Getty Images
A monochromatic look can be a fresh take to the classic penguin scheme but it needs to be done properly. Similar to weddings, the photos are just as important as how you look in person.  When sticking to an outfit composed of the same color it is important to make sure the different pieces are actually the same color.  Blacks are not created equally and the differences are magnified with a flash or when seen on camera.  

Christian Bale does it well with a long satin tie that matches the black satin used for his lapel. And nearly identical blacks used for his suit and shirt. 

Christian Bale Courtsey of Getty Images
While Jonah Hill looks great in his new size, his color coordination could use some improvement.  The three black pieces are in made in clashing tones.  The shirt comes across as a purple while the bowtie looks darker than the tuxedo.
Jonah Hill Courtesy of Getty Images
Jason Segel is sporting the epitome of classic with one minor twist, he has no waist covering.  I have covered the standard components of black tie apparel before and while tradition dictates men wear a waist covering to prevent the exact thing that is happening here, it looks fresh.  You are able to see a small, white triangle of fabric beneath the buttoned jacket.  Some may find this sloppy and careless but, I find it carefree and young.  

Jason Segel Courtesy of Getty Images
Diamond studs were another popular choice this year.  Leading men from Brad Pitt, to Bradley Cooper, to Colin Firth were sporting the jeweled studs as a sophisticated, yet understated, addition to their looks.

Brad Pitt Courtesy of Getty Images
Tina Fey and Bradley Cooper Courtesy of Getty Images

Colin Firth and Meryl Streep Courtesy of Getty Images

Despite the hordes of young men, Christopher Plummer was hands down the best dressed of the night. Sporting a midnight navy velvet jacket paired with black pants he managed to retain a timeless look that was full of youth.  
Christopher Plummer Courtesy of Getty Images

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