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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Triangles, Squares, and The Pouf! How To Rock a Pocket Square

With pocket squares becoming more and more common we are in turn addressing more and more questions concerning the proper way to utilize the accessory.  How exactly do you craft that little square in your pocket to showcase your style?  Are you artfully disheveled?  Exacting and angular? Or, simply confused?

Lets break it down.  While some dandies have specific requirements on how a pocket square should be folded, we are proponents of doing it your way- hence the DIY (design it yourself) approach.

The Triangle- some men like the angular look and fold their pocket squares into triangles and have the points poke out at various angles.  This is a very sharp look.  Sharp in the sense it looks clean and exacting. Generally this would work out well for people who prefer razor sharp lines and no fuss.

Photo: Channing Johnson
Pocket Square: Salmagundi
The Square- oft referred to as a classic, this has somewhat fallen out of favor.  While it also has a sharp look like the triangle, this is easier to manipulate in order to only show the slightest sliver of silk. The square could be considered the beginners pocket square.

Photo: Channing Johnson
Pocket Square: Salmagundi
The Pouf- granted this is simply how I have labeled it, but the look, in reflection of the name, is playful.  This is great for patterned pocket squares so you get more exposure, as well as a more casual look in a friendly environment. It is pictured below as part of a more casual suit-with-no-tie combo.

Photo: Channing Johnson
Pocket Square: Salmagundi
These three options are the most commonly used but as always we love diversity.  Send us your way to sport a pocket square at info@9tailors.com and you might end up on the blog!