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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OoOTie Bow Tie - All Right, All Right, All Right.

Do you own a bow tie? If you don't, then you should. This timeless fad has come a long way! With all of the varying tie knots out there, this fashionable version will never go out of style. And with so many trendsetters coming to our studio, it was about time we ramp up our accessory selection. That's why we have launched OoOTie at 9tailors! The founders, Matthew Pearlson, Adrian Rodriguez, and Diego Torres-Palma put a modern twist on the classic item, but their looks are nothing short of extraordinarily hip.

And while many fellas don the bow tie for novelty purposes, it's a very fashion-forward accent to give your suit or shirt that extra oomph of awesome. Still unsure if you can get away with a bow tie? Check out the OoOTie App to browse and "try on" the fancy collar-wear from their collection!

“OoOtie’s app makes buying bow ties simple. Our collection is designed to work with your existing wardrobe, and we make it easy for men to understand where and how to wear a modern bow tie.” 

The patterns, available year round, can be sported within any season. Limited editions occur on occasion. And if you're an artist who has an idea for a bow tie, feel free to submit your creative ideas as  OoOTie  is always on the hunt for new inspirations.

Have some bow ties which need a proper shirt to go with? Email info@9tailors.com and make an appointment with a Style Consultant today for expert advice in color and pattern coordination, as well as lessons in tying a bow tie!

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