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Friday, April 27, 2012

How to: Pack Your Suit for Travel

Whether you're traveling by train, plane, or automobile, there's nothing worse than scurrying to find a dry cleaner to press your suit once you've reached your final destination. While some might attempt to squeeze a suit into a suitcase to avoid that $25 stow-away fee, you should always transport your fine-looking ensemble in style. If you wear suits often, best invest in a reliable luggage carrier.



First of all, you probably already have some cheap version of this (you usually get one when you buy a suit). Frequent flyers know the magical ease of the garment bag. Some people shun it as too cumbersome and a pain to carry, but this really will save you time and ironing later. Press your suit and hang in a garment bag before your departure to save yourself from wrinkle-inspired fury upon arrival. It's small enough to carry on and and lighter than a suitcase.

Courtesy of mayerspackaging.com


I've never seen or tried this way personally, but definitely willing to give it a go my next trip. Good at origami? Check out this video on how to fold a suit and pack it into your suitcase.

Courtesy of neosoulcafe.com


The ultimate mode of transport. Hey, if you have the loot and you want to invest in a luxury luggage item, suit carriers come in a variety of leathers, designer labels, zips, flips, and doo-dads alike.  Obviously, the most dapper gentleman will find a carrier befitting his handsome suit.


Valextra garment bag
$2,890 - barneys.com

Leather handbag
$495 - bloomingdales.com

However, there are more affordable options available that won't break the bank. Check here for some less fancy, perfectly reasonable suit carriers that still do the trick.

How do you travel with your suit or tuxedo? Any of these options? None of the above? Email me your packing tips kimberly@9tailors.com

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