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Friday, May 4, 2012

Ladies, How Short is Too Short?

This one is for the ladies. Let's get one thing straight, I am supremely guilty of wearing short skirts.  In high school, the Dean of Students gave me detention on a weekly basis because my uniform skirt was always too short (what of it?) My friends often remark how little some of my summer dresses are. So, I don't begrudge anyone for donning a higher hemline...but only when done correctly and in the right atmosphere. Work or formal events should dictate how you dress and immediately register a conservative style in your mind. Save the minis for your weekend gatherings and more casual affairs.

There is a time, place, and age for everything. When you are going  to an interview or work in a conservative office setting, don't wear a skirt above knee-length, regardless of your height and weight. As we all know, first impressions make you or break you. Say you're meeting a prospective employer, dress the part and be professional. You want people to take you seriously, right? Say you work in a predominantly male field,  save yourself the embarrassment of bending over and giving the world a peek-a-boo. Say you're at a family gathering or meeting your significant other's parents: no shorter than right above your knees, ladies. While less is always more, not so in regards to your skirt hem! Less skirt and more leg can come across very negatively in a business or formal setting. Less leg and more skirt is the rule. Business casual is no exception. Cover your 'hiney! I'm not saying you have to go mid-shin, prairie-style.

The other day we spotted a woman heading into a very professional situation in the Financial District, but she was poorly dressed. Significantly so. She had a sharp skirt suit on, but the skirt was wayyyyyy too high and unflattering. It bordered inappropriate. Even though the late 1960's mini skirt made a screaming comeback on the runways for Spring (and it never really has/will go away, in my humble opinion), you CANNOT wear this to a professional engagement. Right above knee-length (hitting right above the knee cap) is flattering on most body types and lets you show a little leg without offending anyone or making others uncomfortable by your freedom of...um, expression. Try to aim for a look like the 9tailors model below:

Pencil skirts! High-waisted, knee-length skirts! Cinched waists! Play with buttons, ruffles, A-lines, asymmetricals, there's so many trendy options out there that won't reveal your undergarments!

Again, save your shorter, flirtier pieces for more casual occasions, like a barbecue or a night out with friends. Don't hike it up to your ears, either. Test out bending over in front of a mirror before you leave your house. And try sitting: short skirts look great standing, but will rise up incredibly when you sit down, a detail often overlooked. Another thing to mention, if you're showing some leg, don't show some top. If you're showing some top, rock a longer hemline. You don't want to show off too much of your feminine wiles and wares!

With regard to shoes: if you prefer a higher heel or stiletto, keep in mind the height of your heel will contribute to how short your dress or skirt may become. Want to wear a mini? Try a kitten heel or a low espadrille.

And since I'm talking to ladies of Boston, this is kind of off-topic...BUT...what is with the Uggs, tight jeans, and Northface fleece combo? It seems like a uniform for females everywhere I go. Stop it! Differentiate. Individualize. THROW THIS OUT. These items may be comfortable, sure, but this outfit is sooooo bad and has zero style points... with anyone. I hate Uggs. There, I said it. 

Rethinking the length of your work skirts? Email info@9tailors.com and meet with a 9tailors style consultant to design your custom skirt suit or skirt separate in a complementary color to match the blazer you love!

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