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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shades of Gray

As style consultants, we are always asked about color choice for suits. This is often the most daunting decision for our clients as the plethora of fabrics we offer is overwhelming to some. Color is a subjective preference for most, but there are a few unspoken guidelines when it comes to choosing the right hue for you.


From the Pee Wee Herman light gray to the darker charcoal grays, if you don't own a gray suit yet and you're a frequent suit-wearing fella, you need to get yourself one pronto! Gray is the most versatile color for a suit as it pairs with nearly every color on the spectrum.  You can wear both blacks and browns (shoes, belts) with gray and it's also acceptable in both formal and casual settings.

With gray, you have warmer tones and cooler tones. The warmer tones have a bit of a taupe-ish hue to them, whereas the cooler tones exude a blue-ish tint. It's really up to you which way to go here, but it's very helpful to compare the two against each other to help you narrow down your decision.



Lighter grays are meant for summer and spring. Do not wear in fall or winter. Weddings are especially popular this time of year, and you can rock a shade like this casually or formally, as long as you have the proper items to accessorize your ensemble.



Grooms visiting the 9tailors studio have been favoring medium grays and this range is the most popular choice among our clients right now. It's less bold than a light gray and a good option for a suit you want to wear year round, depending on brightness. 



Charcoal is the name of this game. You can't go wrong with it, in my opinion. As mentioned above, grays go with both black and brown accoutrements, and something about this color screams sexy and sophisticated. This is also a choice you can wear to most events.


Need a new gray suit to complete the collection in your closet? Email a style consultant at info@9tailors.com and make an appointment to design the suit in the shade that's right for you.

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