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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walk Like A Man

Although there are many unspoken rules with regard to how one should dress, we at 9tailors endeavor to help you make sense of what looks good with what, where you should wear such-and-such, how to pull it off and why it works with your body. Huh? Exactly.

One of the most important things to take note of? Your shoes, man! I believe shoes are conversation-starters and one of the first things people notice as they size you up. Think about it, if someone digs your shoes, they tell you immediately. Or they ask you where you got them. A welcoming and sincere form of flattery! However, there are some men out there who don't know when to wear certain shoes or how to pair their outfits with the right foot-candy. This post highlights Spring and Summer footwear. Learn to walk like a fashionable gentleman.

With shorts: 

Sneakerheads, you have unbelievable coordination and great taste in sneaks but you can't wear them all the time, sorry to tell ya. If you're wearing shorts and you're staying casual, rock your kicks! And when I say kicks, I mean street shoes like Nike hightops, Adidas, Converse or Vans...NOT Asics or New Balance running sneakers. Running sneakers are meant for running or the gym! 
Street Sneakers
Looking to step it up a little bit? Put on a button-down and wear boat shoes, hush puppies, or loafers. It can give a preppy twist but also keeps that relaxed, leisurely vibe about you.

Boat Shoes & Loafers

Unfortunately, I don't prefer mandals (man + sandal) or flip flops on a dude. I know your feet get hot, but simply put, neither of these look good. Flops are for the beach only, especially if you live in the city! Nothing is more unattractive than dirty, stinky feet.

With slacks:

Always wear shoes, not your super fly sneakers. Again, time and place for everything. Opt for some loafers or lace-ups instead. Wingtips are also a fun (and my preferred) choice. Mix it up! Check out Esquire's spring shoe watch and take heed, fellas. Have suede shoes? Protect them from scuff and nature and invest in some sealant spray. If your slacks are khaki or linen or cotton: again, go for shoes but if you're attempting a casual look, Sperry or TOMS are perfect and lightweight. I like these ankle-high top-siders, too.
Wingtips and Topsiders

With jeans: 

The myriad of instances is kind of hard to narrow down here as pairing the right shoes with jeans really depends on where you're going, what you're doing and what kind of jeans and top you're wearing. I will say this as a firm rule to follow: stop wearing your running sneakers with jeans, please. No bueno. Steve Jobs was a genius, but his Apple seminars were cringe-worthy with that running sneaker-jean combo. Ugh.

Courtesy of www.heartbait.com

With suits:

Come on, now. Loafers or lace-ups. If it's a black suit, brown shoes need not apply and vice-versa. Grays can go either way with brown or black, but make sure the tonality is similar and complementary (i.e. light gray, softer brown like camel or charcoal gray, darker brown like cognac). Navy suit? Brown shoes! Tux? Suede, patent leather, or plain black but shiny is the conventional rule here.

Dress Shoe Options


While the higher temps may call for no-socks, keep in mind, this will destroy how your shoes smell and really amp up the yuck-factor. You can get little socks that cover the base of your sole and top of your foot, yet remain hidden under your shoe, even shorter-tongued ones like loafers. INVEST IN THESE, MY MEN. 
Courtesy of www.gobros.com

Have a bevy of spring shoes that need outfits to go with? Email a style consultant at info@9tailors.com and book an appointment today to ready your wardrobe for warmer weather.

*All images courtesy of Polyvore


Damenfrost said...

i like penny loafers and tassel loafers, i bought some from delicious junction for chicks.
Have you had any luck finding a good pair of black penny loafers? I've too been looking for a while.
I would like to hear you thoughts on Ferragamo's corrado penny loafers quality and price -wise.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback Damenfrost! We dig the tassel loafers over here, too! Black penny loafers (a la' Elvis) don't seem as prevalent as brown ones nowadays, shamefully. As far as Ferragamo corrados, they're extremely sleek and chic and that brand knows how to produce GREAT shoes. Price is relative to how you want to spend your dough, but check out HUGO BOSS for a more affordable black penny loafer.