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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring/Summer Trend Alert: Thick-rimmed Glasses

Do you sport spectacles? Perhaps you fancy yourself donning a monocle, a la Mr. Peanut?
Courtesy of Planter's Peanuts
Whether your vision is slightly impaired and you require glasses or you're just trying to pull off geek chic, snag yourself a pair of thick-rimmed glasses this season. Even The Today Show  recently suggested the accessory as a must-have. An avid glasses-wearer myself (I can't see far away, rendering me hopelessly near-sighted), I fully endorse and support this trend (I'm a Lisa Loeb, cat-eyed or squared glasses gal the past 10+ years).

Glasses are an added detail that can completely change a look. Some people may not even recognize you with specs on! A monocle is seemingly all the rage right now, too, believe it or not. Ask Warby Parker.

Courtesy of warbyparker.com
Say goodbye to your wireless-framed eye-wear and embrace the dark, thick frames your inner nerd has always wanted to wear! And if you don't need glasses, you can still pretend you do... non-prescription frames give an otherwise preppy style that extra oomph of geek chic, read: Buddy Holly. I only ask that if you're going to pretend you need glasses, don't wear frames without lenses. This is absurd and a look I can't get behind. Places like Warby Parker and Moscot house amazing vintage-inspired finds for eye-wear but even Lenscrafters has some great options to choose from their "retro cool" collection. Check out this how to wear nerd glasses article and see what a-dork-able frames fit your persona.

Courtesy of theberry.com

Courtesy of Getty images

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