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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cargo Shorts...Enough is Enough

Ah, summer. It's hotttt out, boiling even! Of course you are going to wear shorts, gentlemen, we would never begrudge you that. We encourage you to wear shorts of the linen or cotton variety to give yourself some breathability, but keep in mind that these fabrics are prone to wrinkle-dom. Obviously, you're going to go with whatever is most comfortable, and that's what is most important.

However, I have a bone to pick with some of you. Cargo Shorts! Please stop wearing these!! If you're going to a Dave Matthews concert and you appreciate a good pair of Crocs, by all means, cargo away. Camping, hiking, mountain biking? I guess outdoorsy activities render cargoes, okay. But, if you want to exude some sort of style and show that you pay attention to how you dress, please ditch these shorts in your nearest Good Will bucket. I beg you. They don't look good. Ever.

Courtesy of JCPenney.com

My reasons are three-fold:

1. Overabundance of pockets. Do you really need all of those pockets? What for? You carry a wallet, a phone and keys. Beers are kept colder in a cooler anyway.

2. Always looks unkempt. When you wash and dry cargo shorts, does it not bother you that the pockets will always stick out and bunch in all the wrong places? And even when you button the pockets down or iron them, the fabric still pokes out weirdly and can make hips and waists look unflattering.
   A) Sidebar: if you still think wearing your pants below your butt looks good, I have no words. 

3. The draw-string waist and short openings. Let me ask you, how often do you lose that little string in your waistband and opt for a belt instead? And why would you cinch the openings on your pants? So you look like you're wearing a pair of bulky capris?

Understandably, cargo shorts are almost like jeans when it comes to casual wear and you're just throwing something on. It's an easy choice, especially if you've donned the same pair since 1999. But, there are other, much more flattering and better looking alternatives out there.

Take for example, the Nike Golf shorts. You don't have to be a golfer to own a pair of these. They have great sweat-wicking material to keep you cool in hotter temps, a plethora of patterns and solids to choose from, they don't bunch and wrinkle, they have pockets that you will actually use, and the sleek design complements most body types.


All images courtesy of Nike.com
Or just go for a nice pair of Dockers! What's wrong with $30 Dockers? Nothing. Nothing at all. Crisp and clean, flattering, they come in a variety of colors and front styles with  pleats or flat fronts, cuffed and uncuffed openings. For the record, we guide you towards flat fronts, rather than pleats.

Courtesy of amazon.com
Stay cool, gentlemen. It's only mid-July. You have a few more months of summer to update your wardrobe.

If you have a pair of shorts you absolutely adore but can't seem to find anywhere, email info@9tailors.com to speak to a style consultant. We can try and match the design and discuss other short options you can try.

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