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Friday, July 13, 2012

ESPY Awards: Who wore it Best?

Did you catch the ESPYs on Wednesday night? Athletes should trade in their uniforms for formalwear more often. See how your favorite sportoes suit up. 

Gray Suits and Skinny Ties 

Yes please. A look that just doesn't quit! You can wear gray annually and this versatile color transitions well from daytime to night. Not to mention, there are so many shades of gray (definitely more then 50) you have your choice among many various options.

Boston's baller of the year, Rajon Rondo, looking fly!
Shaun White, former "Flying Tomato"turned "Animal" cleans up well

Red Carpet vs. Live Performance

Thank goodness Nas took off that shiny, pleather (?) black shirt he was wearing on the Red Carpet! No bueno. Swizz Beatz also debuted an interesting look with gun holster-straps. Is this a new man bag? For their live performance, the two rap stars had a wardrobe change (thankfully). While Nas keeps it classy in a black tuxedo and black bow tie, Swizz effectively pulls off an opposite look with a black shirt with white suit.What do you think? Do you prefer the Red Carpet ensembles or the lyric-spitting performance duds?

Swizz Beatz, whatchoo got goin' on in that holster there?

Nas, this fabric is far from Illmatic.
Now, we're talking, gentlemen...

Khaki and Light Creams 

Perfect suiting for summer. Did you know about our suit sale? Cotton and Khaki 20% off all July. Seriously loving LT's seersucker jacket.
Donald Driver in complementary colors of light blue jacket and light  khaki pants

LT keeps it casually chic with white pants, a brown t-shirt and matching pocket square
"Raising brows" with a blue and white gingham shirt and white edging on a khaki lapel

Bow ties

As always, this is an accessory that really steps up an outfit. You can have fun with patterns and colors or keep it formal with a straight solid black, but we recommend you at least try it once!

Thomas DeCoud in a red bow tie and grey suit, a la  Pee Wee Herman
This checked bow tie is "linsane" (I can't believe I really just wrote that )

Creativity Does Not Go Unnoticed

These players really stepped outside the box. And we dig it! I might re-think the black and white pinstripe jacket and Chucks, but JR Smith actually pulls this off. Feeling daring? Go for a loud pattern and wear it proudly. However, if you think this is too Beetleguese, stick with something you feel more comfortable in. And our general rule is usually no kicks with your suit, but it's a hip look for those who know how to do it right.
JR Davis in pinstriped jacket and Chucks

The black detail on Vernon Davis's plum lapel is terrific.  Paired with a polka dot bow tie, maroon shirt studs, and thick black-framed glasses, Vernon is the epitome of geek chic. 
DeMaryius Thomas of the Broncoes went all out! Sure, this getup is kinda loud and crazy, but he looks sharp! The balance of gray and black coordinates very well, not too much and not too little. Well done! Best Award for Best Moment = Best Dressed at the ESPYs.
Demaryius Thomas
All photos courtesy of Associated Press and  Huffington Post

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