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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pleated Fronts Versus Flat Fronts

Whether you prefer custom-made or buy suits directly off the rack, you must be aware of  the big difference between pant front styles. Are you a single pleat kind of guy? Or do you don the flat front? Perhaps you even own a couple double pleated pants that (hopefully) remain untouched in your closet?

Whatever your style may be, there is something worthy of note here. Pleats for men are purely functional, not stylish. In the same vain, pleated skirts for women are definitely fashionable and dominated runways in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. 

And lo and behold, what are seeing on the catwalk for Spring 2013 menswear? Pleats for gents! If you're a fashion-forward lad bent on the whimsy of runway posh,  you might appreciate this look. Let's be clear here, however, this is NOT a look everyone can pull off. Read: do not try this at home. Sure, Balenciaga is a huge fashion powerhouse, but they dress their models for Paris and NYC movers and shakers, they're not exactly thinking their designs will clothe the guys making bank on State Street or making trades in the NYSE. Still, it begs the question, are pleats making a comeback???

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In our opinion: pleats are never by design for men's suiting, they serve only as a functional aspect. What's great about a pleated front pant? The pleat fold behaves like an accordion, allowing room for more fabric and more movement. Similar to our blog post on side back pleats, fellas who require more room due to their body size would do well to rock the pleated front. Perhaps you're a runner with thick thighs, a pleat will allow for a sleek look on muscular builds. Maybe you have an athletic rear, again, the single pleat will provide more space for your derriere. 

Flat Front

A flat front is a minimalist look that is nothing short of classic and clean. We prefer this look because it exudes a smart and chic appearance. That said, not every body type can pull off the flat frontif you think you need pleats or require more room, we certainly recommend you opt for the pleat. 

Cuffed trousers versus uncuffed trousers.

Another thing to consider? Your pant opening. Traditionally, if you have a pleated front, you're going to have cuffs on your pant opening. Generally, a cuffed pant looks a bit more casual. If you opt for a flat front, you will want to choose an uncuffed pant opening. At 9tailors, we encourage you to follow these hard and fast rules, however, we often mix it up, dependent on what you want and in what you feel most comfortable.  

As Style Consultant, Alex Chiesa, puts it: "Well, it's similar to something like, if you want a burger with fries or if you just want a burger. Just because you get a burger, you don't need to order fries. But if you want both, then go for it."

*We strongly recommend that you never cuff tuxedo trousers, they are far too formal.

What do you think? Do you find pleats fashionable or functional? Do you like a flat front better?

Oh, and if you do have those double-pleated pants in your closet, please donate them—this is way too boxy of a look, especially if you don't require the extra room.  

Still unsure what kind of pant front will work and look best for you? Email a style consultant at info@9tailors.com and make an appointment to design your custom trousers. And don't forget about our ongoing sale now through the end of July!

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