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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top Holiday Essentials For The Dapper Man

Does he already have a 9tailors custom suit or 9tailors custom shirt? Check. What holiday gifts do you get for the man who has the building blocks of his wardrobe already constructed? He needs the dapper man's essentials. Ties, pocket squares and the like...now available in the studio. 

Collar stays - every man needs them to maintain that crisp, clean look. We know you want to avoid the floppy 70's collar
Collar Stays - $10.00

Pocket squares add a dash of color to anyone's outfit. We recommend wearing one with a blazer or a full suit to achieve effortless style. (Note: these are not hankies to blow your nose in.) Our pocket squares come in a variety of colors and materials. 
Pocket squares - $35.00. 

Our cuff links are inexpensive, elegant and handy. Chose a teal or pink for a pop of color. 
Silk knot cuff links - $9.00

The Tie Thing. We love this ingenious accessory. The Tie Thing keeps your tie in check by fastening it to your custom shirt. 
The Tie Thing - $9.00

Give these handsome devils a try. The vintage look is back and cuter than ever! Keep it vintage by pairing it with your Movember mustache. 
OoOTies - $42.00

Too timid for the bowtie? Give Jegman a whirl. These babies are the newest addition to our accessories collection and the subject of a recent blog post.  Great conversation-starters for every holiday party. 
Jegman ties - $70.00 to $75.00

Each piece is hand-selected and limited in quantity. So, you can rest assured that your guy will still look handsome and stand out from the crowd. Get these in the studio now. For more info, email us

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